Devon's King Salmon


Captain Devon Fernandez developed his passion for the outdoors early in life.  Tracking, trapping and hunting all manner of beast and fowl while fishing lakes, streams, rivers and oceans in the Lower 48, Devon ultimately sought out the grand wilderness of Alaska in 2005.  A seasoned Bush veteran, Devon also enjoys kayaking, boating, off-roading, cooking, and sports.  Devon tires slowly, laughs easily and is always eager to share his wealth of knowledge about native legend and lore.


With nine seasons in Alaska lodges between them, TJ and Wayne Davis are the consummate lodge hosts.  Known around camp as Chef Teej and Wayne-O, this pair will welcome you, feed you, shoot the breeze with you, straighten up for you, help you pack out in the mornings, and make sure you hit the rack in one piece at night.  Wayne has a knack for finding just about anything you might need at camp and is the go-to guy for extra blankets and flashlights.  TJ will remember how you like your eggs and what you’re allergic to before you remember which cabin is yours.  Together for more than 20 years, TJ made an honest man of Wayne in 2013, when they finally tied the knot.