Come for the Wild Alaska Adventure

Leave with the Wild Alaska Spirit

Silver Salmon

Icy Bay Lodge specializes in fly fishing for Silver Salmon on small, remote streams and secluded rivers. With 160 acres of private Yhatse River access, we fish in waters that are virtually inaccessible and almost entirely unvisited.

Halibut & King Salmon

In the limitless sunlight of the Alaska Summer, we focus our fishing on Halibut and King Salmon.  Lingcod, Rockfish, Dungeness Crab, and Spotted Prawns are frequently included in the day’s catch.

Wildlife Safaris

Brown and black bear, moose, sea otters, wolves, seals, eagles, beavers, martens, ducks, and cranes – Icy Bay Lodge is teeming with wildlife. Whether you visit in early summer, or in the fall (or anytime in between) every day is a breathtaking safari.

Wilderness Adventure

Wild, remote, unspoiled, and pristine from the Yukon to the Gulf of Alaska, every visit to Icy Bay Lodge is a wilderness adventure.  With the Icy Bay just steps from your front door, and a rain forest as your backyard, you’re in for the experience of a lifetime.